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Will Google Glass Change the Workplace?

11 Jun
Google Glass

Google Glass
Image: giuseppe.costantino via Flickr CC

The new Google Glass is a pair of what looks like hi-tech clear sunglasses, when in reality it is a new, wearable screen that will allow you to interact on the web with even more ease.  Google Glass’s software will customize what you see based on your search history and Google usage, basically eliminating your need to search for your everyday information, such as flight times, messages or schedules.  Other applications suggested for the usage would be seeing instant translation subtitles while watching your favorite foreign film, getting directions from your point of view, and recording unique videos and pictures.

While the idea seems novel, highly advanced and sometimes frightening, Google insists that Glass is simply a way of streamlining and increases access to what you can already do with your smartphone. In fact, many of Glass’ applications, such as a GPS, will only work by being connected to your phone.

However, there are definitely some things about Glass that may give early adopters in business a leg up.  One is the ability for Glass to identify people, so when you are meeting new prospects you can be looking at their social media profile and have plenty of information about them, thus coming off more friendly and prepared.

Google Glass prototype 2012

Google Glass prototype 2012
Image: Antonia Zugaldia / Ars Electronica via Flickr CC

Obviously, Glass can also remind you of when you need to switch one task to the other, tell you to go to meetings even if you aren’t in front of your computer, and streamline your email process.  Other applications for Glass at work are speculated to be on the way. Google is already working on an Evernote app, a highly respected productivity application on many platforms.  It is clear the intention is to help boost workplace productivity, but whether offices will accept the new form of technology remains to be seen.