Warren Buffett Says Women Are Key To Economic Prosperity

6 May

Warren Buffett has written an essay for Fortune magazine, to be published later this month, that discusses women—and how they are essential to economic prosperity in America. Buffett echoes the sentiments of many women through the years that have pushed for women to be given more opportunities within the business industry.

Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett says women are America’s key to economic prosperity.
Image: Fortune Live Media / Flickr CC

Buffett starts out his essay discussing the enormous success of America since it won independence in 1776. “Our secret sauce has been a political and economic system that unleashes human potential to an extraordinary degree. As a result Americans today enjoy an abundance of goods and services that no one could have dreamed of just a few centuries ago.”

And he’s absolutely right. When we look back at just how far our country has progressed in the last two hundred and fifty years, it’s pretty amazing. The rest of the world has also progressed, yes, but no one will argue that the United States are now one of the world’s top powers.

“America has forged this success while utilizing, in large part, only half the country’s talent. For most of our history, women—whatever their abilities—have been relegated to the sidelines. Only in recent years have we begun to correct that problem.”

Buffett goes on to discuss the struggles women have endured over the years just to gain the same basic rights—voting, working, getting highly educated—as men. He recalls how our history is filled with powerful men who stood against those changes—men who ended up on the wrong side of history when all was said and done.

Perhaps most poignant of all is when Mr. Buffett recalls how he was treated differently from the moment he was born. He had all the opportunities in the world simply because he was a boy, whereas his sisters had only the hope of marrying well simply because they were girls. His baseline was as far as they would ever get, despite the fact that they were equally as smart, personable, and capable as he.

Buffett’s essay calls for both men and women to recognize and capitalize on the potential that women bring to this country as entrepreneurs and leaders. He urges us to become free from the societal restraints we’ve placed on ourselves and move forward into a new era—one that is ethically and economically prosperous.


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