Google Glasses: A Trip to the Future

4 Mar

Science fiction movies always seem to involve crazy hardware that today’s technology just doesn’t compare to. Touch screens projected into thin air, flying cars, and of course computerized glasses relaying important information at all times. But at least one of those is very quickly becoming a present day reality instead of a futuristic dream: the glasses.


Google is currently prototyping what have been dubbed “Google Glasses,” sleek, computerized glasses designed to act like a mini-computer for all our immediate needs. If they work as planned, the glasses will be able to fill most of the functions provided by our current smartphones—but without having to pull our phones out:


  • Show the time, weather and date
  • Communicate with others via voice, video, or text
  • Give directions, with overlay of map visible
  • Capture videos and photos
  • Show others what the wearer is seeing
  • Translate speech into a different language
  • Provide information on various subjects (e.g. if you visit a famous monument, you can ask for information about it)
  • Relay important information (like flight statuses)


The glasses are currently quite sleek looking and come in various colors, but the design might be a bit “geeky” for some potential wearers. Google is addressing that issue by asking the trendy startup and eyeglass maker Warby Parker to create a more stylish design for the glasses. Currently, interest in the glasses is solely among techies, but Google hopes to make them more mainstream with a new design.


Another issue with the glasses is that currently the prototype costs a whopping $1,500. But Google claims that once out of the prototype stage and in the market, that price should drop. The only question that remains is whether they will be within a reasonable price range by the time they hit the market next year.


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