5 Interview Mistakes Not to Make

25 Feb

These days, if you’ve got a job then you’re one of the lucky ones. Unfortunately, there are far too many job seekers and not enough jobs to come by. That means that getting and acing an interview is more important than ever. Interview preparation is a must, since you want to present the best version of you and be ready to answer any questions that may be thrown your way.


But sometimes people don’t prepare for the very things that can make or break an interview. Knowing the right answer to all the questions won’t make up for these mistakes, since they’re likely to convey that you won’t make a good team member:


  1. Getting stuck on your old job—whether or not you’re over your last job, you sure don’t want to convey that you’re bitter, resentful, not over it, or that it’s all you think about it. Keep explanations to a concise minimum and stay professional.
  2. Being too cold—you might think you’re just acting professional, but no one wants to work with a sour puss. Potential employers are likely looking for someone who is also warm and has a sense of humor. Smile—it won’t kill you!
  3. Not understanding the company or position—the job description might seem like enough to go on, but it’s not. Do your research and find out as much as you can about how the company works, what it does, and how you would fill the necessary role. Companies shouldn’t have to hold your hand through this process, nor do they want to.
  4. Lacking uniqueness—don’t pretend like you’re a superhero of all trades if you’re not. Convey clearly what you excel at, since that will set you apart from other candidates. Interviewers can often spot someone who’s just trying to please them versus someone who is genuine and honest.
  5. Not wanting the job—remember to convey that YOU WANT THE JOB! If you come off as unenthusiastic or like you’re not really all that interested in the position, then the company will likely lose interest in you, too. Make it clear that you are excited about the position and the opportunity to work for the company.


For other common interview mistakes, check out this infographic from Classes and Careers. Research has shown that interviewers make a first judgment within the first 90 seconds—so make sure it’s a good one!


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