New Professional Networking Service Unveiled: Relationship Science

19 Feb

There’s a new professional networking service on the market, and it’s called Relationship Science. A startup founded by Neal Goldman of Capital IQ, RelSci is based out of New York and is backed by Wall Street pioneers like Henry Kravis and Kenneth Langone. And with over $60 million in funds from investors and upwards of 500 employees, it’s got lots of high rollers excited.


RelSci brings a unique edge to the social media world—it’s a service that will help connect influential people in business, finance, and nonprofit organizations but won’t require any user-inputted information. By scouring the web, RelSci claims that it will map out key relationships between the world’s decision makers to help them connect, make deals, sell products, raise money, and more.


“I always thought there had to be an easier way to identify and connect with the people and organizations I needed to reach to achieve my goals,” founder Neal Goldman said. “So I decided to create RelSci to fill that need.


RelSci will profile two million of the biggest dealmakers, brokers, and executives in the world, listing their names, spouses, children, associates, political donations, charity work, and more. Say a user wanted to get in touch with Henry Kravis but didn’t know how—they would simply type his name into the system, which would scan for any personal contacts that knew both people. If not, it would then search for secondary or even tertiary connections that would allow the person to see who they needed to get in touch with to reach Mr. Kravis.


Not only does the system log and search its extensive list of connections, but it also rates the relationship as weak, average, or strong. For those that rely on extensive networking for getting things done, this system could prove invaluable.


“My life is all about networking,” said Kenneth Langone, one of its big backers. “How many times do I say, ‘How do I get to this guy?’ It is scary how much it helps.” Langone was so excited about the system that he not only invested in it, but he also joined the board.


The system will be $3,000 a year for a person to gain access to the site, but in the Wall Street scheme of things, that’s not much—particularly if they can make just one extra deal because of it. It could save valuable time and help forge relationships that wouldn’t have happened otherwise. Of course, it’s still in beta testing and has a few kinks to work out, but it’s well on its way to being open and useable.


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