Careers Worth Their Time in Money

25 Jan

Not all jobs were created equal. Some four year degrees will never earn graduates the same amount of money as some associate’s degrees. Certain fields have a higher average salary than others, and may be more worth your time to pursue. Consider the following five degrees and the options they could open up for you:


  1. Business Administration: Particularly if you’re a natural leader, a bachelor’s or master’s degree in business administration could be a good way to go. The degree is versatile and teaches many need-to-know skills for the business world. This degree could help you initially get a job and then work up the career ladder towards salaries upwards of $100,000.
  2. Health Services Administration: Most people have a hard time understanding the relationship between health care and business, and by specializing in this field you make yourself one of the few who does. It could land you a job in hospital administration or even steady government jobs. Health and medical services managers have an average salary of about $96,000, varying from state to state.
  3. Computer Science: Technology is the present and future. The field is always growing, expanding, and demanding more personnel. Degree programs can be specialized according to individual interests and will put you in line for jobs that easily pay upwards of $125,000, such as computer and information systems managers make.
  4. Accounting: Every business needs a numbers person. If you’re good at paying attention to detail and like working with numbers and balances, this degree will expand your skillset to include analysis and interpretation of financial data. The average salary for accountants is just over $70,000.
  5. Civil Engineering: A degree in this subject will allow you to learn how to design large-scale constructions like some of our best known monuments and buildings: the Space Needle, the Eiffel Tower, and even the Golden Gate Bridge. Programs should be accredited by ABET, and graduates will also need to become licensed. Annual salaries for civil engineers are around $82,000.

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