Degrees Worthy of a CEO

16 Dec

Being Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a company or corporation is a prestigious title that only a minority of people ever achieves. Even those with Master’s and Doctoral degrees in business aren’t necessarily guaranteed a position as CEO. And not all CEOs have degrees.

A large number of CEOs are the founders of the businesses they lead. But since a CEO oversees the entire company, from finances to economics to planning, a background in business is a good idea. Some CEOs gain that background through life experiences, slowly working their way up the food chain or founding an innovative new company.

But for those who don’t found their own company, a college degree is often necessary just to get the ball rolling. Many CEOs have their undergraduate or Master’s degree in business, like McKesson CEO John H. Hammergren. Earning a degree provides evidence that you are experienced and knowledgeable about business operations, and helps to prepare you for running one.

Certainly, business isn’t the only area studied by CEOs. A substantial number of CEOs have their degrees in areas like engineering or law, such as Moody’s CEO Raymond McDaniel. Though it may seem counterintuitive, fields such as these teach analytical thinking and planning skills that are vital to running a business.

Since CEOs are often heavily involved in the financial side of the businesses they run, degrees in accounting or other finance-related fields aren’t unheard of, either. Small business administration could also be a useful degree for those looking to found and become CEO of their own company.

Of course, no degree guarantees a person the position of CEO. Obtaining such an elevated position within a company usually requires an extensive amount of hard work, a good work ethic, and many years of effort for those trying to work their way up.


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