Top 10 “Happiest” Careers

14 Dec

For many people, happiness is the most important thing when choosing a career. Money is also a top contender, but not everyone is willing to sacrifice happiness and job satisfaction for some extra cash. These ten career choices are, according to a study by and ranked by job satisfaction rates, the happiest jobs:


10. Therapists—Satisfaction rate: 77.1%

9. College Instructors (Other)—Satisfaction rate: 77.3%

8. Criminal Investigators & Special Agents—Satisfaction rate: 77.5%

7. Managers/Supervisors of Animal Husbandry & Animal Care Workers—Satisfaction rate: 78.6%

6. Educational, Vocational, and School Counselors—Satisfaction rate: 78.8%

5. College Professors (Communications)—Satisfaction rate: 79.2%

4. Pediatricians (General) —Satisfaction rate: 80.0%

3. Aircraft Assemblers (Structure, Surfaces, Rigging & Systems) —Satisfaction rate: 83.3%

2. Municipal Fire Fighters—Satisfaction rate: 90.0%

1. Singers—Satisfaction rate: 91.7%


The study surveyed nearly 14,000 of MyPlan’s users. Perhaps a little surprisingly, none of the top ten happiest, most satisfying jobs made it to the highest paid list, which mostly included the likes of surgeons and other medical professionals. Neither were they on the lowest paid jobs list with customer service attendants and food service workers.


It seems then, that the happiest ground is indeed the middle ground. People like to earn enough money to live, but they also want to be doing something they enjoy. Earning boatloads of money might be nice in some respects, but it’s not always enough to make a job and life feel satisfactory. Similarly, not everyone will be satisfied as a “starving artist,” even if art is what they love most in the world.



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