A-List Nudity

24 Nov

Kiera Knightly, the British beauty of Anna Karenina, Pirates of the Caribbean, and

Love Actually, says she’s okay with exposing her breasts. “Because they’re so small,

people really aren’t that interested,” she says.


She certainly didn’t mind stripping off her shirt for a recent cover of Allure

magazine, but she says she won’t be exposing anything below the belt.


Going nude in Hollywood has long been a matter of personal choice for actors and

actresses. Some don’t seem to mind taking it all off for the camera, but others say

they’d never leave themselves so uncovered for public eyes to see.


Actresses like Megan Fox, Jessica Alba, Rachel Bilson, Blake Lively, Jenna Fischer,

Jennifer Love Hewitt, Christina Applegate and Jennifer Garner say not in a million

years. Some even say “no” to body doubles that people would think are them.


“I will not be taking it all off! Zero percent. No thank you. The world deserves better.

Not interested,” said Jennifer Garner.


Jenna Fischer concedes, saying, “Well, I wouldn’t do anything I wouldn’t be proud to

show my parents.”


Some worry that stripping down would only serve to objectify them sexually,

distracting from their talent and focusing attention solely on their bodies. Others

just feel uncomfortable with the idea of the stripping down for the world to see.


Obviously, making the choice to not go nude hasn’t kept these actresses from

successful careers. And the same goes for the opposite: many famous actresses have

de-shirted (or more) for cameras. Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry, Charlize Theron, Selma

Hayek, Kate Winslet, Penelope Cruz, Natalie Portman, Anne Hathaway, and Jennifer

Aniston have all filmed movie scenes nude.



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