NYCHA Steps Up After Hurricane

8 Nov

We’ve seen some incredible response all over the east coast as residents of communities affected by Hurricane Sandy attempt to rebuild and return to normalcy. Thousands have donated time, money, and resources to help get cities back on their feet. For New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA), that’s a big job.


NYCHA houses about a half-million people in New York City—about 5% of NYC’s total population—so quick response in times of disaster is vital. And they’ve really stepped it up this past week, providing residents with emergency preparedness guidelines and other valuable resources, as well as working to prevent post-disaster accidents and problems around the clock.


They’ve stayed accessible, too, updating their social media regularly and keeping residents apprised of the situation; they’ve even included information about food and water giveaways across the city for those residents in areas of the city most affected by Sandy.


Being such a large organization, it would be easy for NYCHA to overlook some of these basic needs for residents and let them fend for themselves. However, NYCHA has proven an invaluable resource this past week. Their website is fully updated, with their home page showing a list of links to numerous information resources: where to find food, water, and blanket distribution locations; a list of overnight shelters; bus pickup locations for overnight shelters; daytime warming center locations; medical van locations; and school closure information are just a few of the links they provide.


It’s good to know that during such disastrous events, New Yorkers can look to the housing authority for help and that they won’t be left out in the cold.


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