Inspirational Twitter Feeds For Small Businesses

30 Oct


Looking for a bit of extra inspiration? Trying desperately to use social media to enhance your business? Twitter is definitely not the most useful social media tool for small businesses, but just having it can open you up to some previous insights you didn’t know were there.


Even if you aren’t using Twitter as your main PR strategy, it can still be useful. Lots of people and businesses are involved with the site, and its quick and easy communication through periodical tweets makes it extremely accessible.


Some Twitter feeds offer really great business advice in a casual way. We don’t normally get to access some of today’s top business minds, but now that many of them have and use Twitter frequently, you can follow along and possibly gain insight on how to move your business forward.


Bill Gross, founder and co-chief investment officer of Pimco, posts regularly with his opinions on the latest economic news. Daniel Pink, author of Drive and A Whole New Mind, challenges commonplace business ideals and links to useful stories that are sure to keep you thinking. Productivity Consultant and author of Getting Things Done, David Allen gives insight into his daily life and words of advice here and there.


Bob Sutton—author, professor at Stanford, and expert on employee-employer relations—updates his Twitter with alerts to new content on his blog, as well as insights into psychological and organizational behaviors. Another Harvard professor, Rosabeth Moss Kanter, gives motivational advice and day-to-day life and business lessons.


And the great part is that all of these well-known business Pooh-Bahs often give a personal feel to their tweets. They might offer insight into their life or observations, make a quick joke, or post pictures. The point is, they are good at coming down to a level where they can interact with people like small business owners just looking for a little extra inspiration.


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