Digital Signature Apps

25 Oct

It’s the age of technology, and paper is out. Most companies these days keep the majority of their files and documents in electronic form instead of having only hard copies and filing them away in a dusty cabinet. But computers erase that need. They give us a way to save and file our documents without ever having to print them. We can even put them on a cloud drive or on the World Wide Web to keep them safe in the event of a computer crisis. Genius.

But we still have those tricky legal documents that have to be signed by hand, right? Wrong. There are some great new apps out there that let you sign documents by hand—using your finger—and saves them electronically. This is phenomenal for small business owners. The need for printers, scanners, fax machines, even pens, is over.

SignNow is a free app available for iPhone, Android, and iPad. It was founded by Chris Hawkins and Andrew Ellis, and allows you to upload a document and insert your signature. From there, you can either save the document to a cloud drive or send it through e-mail.

EchoSign by Adobe allows you to sign documents electronically and then send them through e-mail or fax. It was founded by Jason Lemkin and Jeffrey Zwelling in 2005, and was later acquired by Adobe in 2011. Prices vary depending on usage. Up to 5 documents per month is free, and after that prices start at $14.95.

DocuSign is available in both free (DocuSign Ink) and paid (DocuSign) versions. Founded by Keith Krach in 2003, it is similar to both other apps, but allows extra encryption, authentication, and an “audit trail” of sorts. The paid version starts at $14.99.



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