The MBA Battle

11 Oct

Student loan debt is higher than it has ever been, and it’s still on the rise. Is enrolling in an MBA program worth the time and money, or is experience a better teacher? Let’s take a look at some common positive and negative stances regarding the MBA.


Positive: Getting an MBA gives you a good base to start from, rather than starting from scratch. Investors might also be more likely to help you raise money for endeavors because an MBA is like an official seal of approval; with it, you gain the reputation of your graduating university.


Many MBA programs argue that they are constantly evolving their curriculum to address both domestic and international business issues. This gives MBA students an edge when entering the business world; they are already up-to-date on the latest practices.


Business schools also offer innovative programs like learning concepts and then putting them to action in local communities, businesses, and nonprofits. There are also some support programs available for aspiring and new entrepreneurs, which help them develop their craft successfully. This group learning setting is both valuable and efficient.


Negative: While MBA programs offer the opportunity to learn some solid business functions, some argue that they don’t successfully teach the most important skill: management. Schools aren’t preparing students to manage people or problem-solve.


They argue that these skills need to be learned through real-life situations and conceptualization with other business leaders—not in a classroom with theoretical problems. The way most MBA programs function, students don’t walk away with any functional leadership, they argue.


Many worry that the MBA has become too distant from the real world; it teaches good business skills but doesn’t create successful managers. For entrepreneurs, management is a key skill in a successful business.


Outcome: Thousands of students are still enrolling in MBA programs every year, and some businesses still highly respect it as a training tool. However, others worry it’s losing some integrity and usefulness in the real world. There’s still a role for the MBA in the world, but how that continues to evolve is yet to be seen.



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