22 Aug

Comcast recently cut the budget for the Tonight Show, mostly resulting in Leno taking a pay cut to only $25 million a year in order to help save jobs.  Supposedly the reason is because Leno was still using the budget he was given two years ago for a move to prime time.

But what this is, really, is likely just the beginning of a budget cut across the board.  Experts expect that Universal Studios, recently hurt by Battleship and Tower Heist, may see some cuts, as well as The Today Show and Meet the Press.

USA isn’t doing as well either, and may feel the squeeze as ratings have heavily declined.  However, according to the officials at CNBC there really isn’t anything to worry about.  Seven new shows are in production at the network, and $751 million in revenue is expected this year, higher than earlier estimates and higher than the year before.  According to an inside source the last six years have been some of record financial performance for the network.

What’s the cause?  The CEO spent $4.4 billion to show the Olympics through 2020, and to secure the TV rights to the NFL after taking over NBC Universal.  While Comcast’s revenue hasn’t changed much since last quarter, NBC Universal’s operating cash flow fell 15.4%


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