Business Expansion Leads To a Healthy Company

24 Jul

For a business to be healthy it needs to grow. This could mean a number of things from employees, customers, and location. Location is a highly important aspect of growing a business to reach full potential. For some this may be locally, but for others it can mean internationally. 

Once the decision has been made to expand the business, location could be one thing to work on. To do this certain steps need to be taken obviously. Depending on the type of business though, the steps required may not take as much effort. 

One such example of a business that has expanded is Fotolia. While it was used widely in 20 countries and 12 languages, it has still been looking to expand. Recently this site, designed for photographers, has made its way to Australia and Latin America. This expansion has not only made it possible for photographers to make money, but to allow the business to grow exponentially. 

Part of the reason the business has been able to expand is due to a recent stake in the company by the private equity firm KKR.  KKR injected $150m in equity and arranged for debt financing for the company, which allows Fotolia to continue to offer 17 million images and videos.  Really, it is only in continuing to expand that keeps businesses like Fotolia successful and relevant in this modern age.


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