Minority Statistics for MBA Applicants are Skewed

12 Jul

It is important to introduce diversity into the business world. While statistics says that minorities are more represented in MBA programs at much higher rates than they once were, the statistics can be misleading because many of these minority students are Asian and the amount of Asian students far outweighs the number of African American, Latino and Native American enrollments.

Many administrators have voiced their concerns on this topic. While it wouldn’t be fair to keep out a fully qualified Asian student on the grounds that the school has too many Asians, it also wouldn’t be fair to accept a student of a different race that is less qualified. If any sort of system were in place to deal with the concerns, you would effectively have different admission standards for students based soles upon race.

This has become somewhat of a dilemma for school administrators and it has left them scratching their heads on what to combat this issue. This polarizing topic has generated a massive amount of buzz because there really isn’t anything the school can do.  What options do they really have, after all?

In the end, it just means that we need to carefully look at statistics to make sure that they’re telling the whole truth.


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