Apple Maps opens with more business listings than Google

28 Jun

Apple Maps, a new offering of Apple, the computer giant, will replace Google Maps on all Apple devices produced after Apple’s announcement of the product. All laptops, tablets, ipods, and other mobile devices powered by Apple’s proprietary iOS will feature this new offering, and not support Google Maps in its current or any future incarnation. The move sparked ire among fans of the Google Maps app, but Apple hopes to bridge that by offering more business listings than Google’s version, as well as other potentially better uses.

This comes with the unfortunate news that Apple’s newest innovations are being leaked before their release, meaning that the competition can get a leg up before Apple debuts a given product. Corporate Espionage is by no means unknown in the technology sector, but this is particularly harmful to Apple, who caters to the big spenders of the computing market. If such secrets are “developed” by producers who sell at a lower price, it could mean the end of Apple’s computer sales.

Apple is known for catering to the market of users who prefer a streamlined, easy to use experience, and to users involved in media creation, such as music mixing and stage lighting. That semi monopoly has sold many Apple computers, and if such technology falls in to Microsoft or Google’s hands, Apple could drastically affect Apple’s sales.


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