Diablo III may have Blizzard facing lawsuits

25 Jun

Due to the poor service and plethora of problems Diablo III, the now infamous video game created by Blizzard, is facing, Blizzard may have to answer lawsuits all over the world. Some countries like Korea are pressing class action lawsuits, while others are asking Blizzard to put a refund policy into place to answer consumer dissatisfaction. This situation impacts much more than Blizzard… Such a move may establish a precedent for all new video games.

Diablo III has been plagued by problems since its failed release, including almost a month of delays in its real money auction house. Poor connection reliability means that players who cannot play offline will always suffer from an almost unplayable game. Constant errors are hounding players from all countries, and downtime with the servers have been causing consumers to not be able to play the game they put big money towards.

Blizzard stands to lose a lot of money from this situation, but the precedence that this problem is setting is by far the more important. If these class action lawsuits go through, it will mean that anyone can get money back on these online video games, which until recently has been unheard of. Because of the widespread issues of piracy, PC games are no longer returnable. This lawsuit may cause digital rights management to become even more restrictive, and thus harm the players when all is said and done.


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