Yammer! Acquisition May Help Microsoft In The Social Arena

22 Jun

Five years ago, social networking was still a fad. While some ambitious companies had been using Facebook and Myspace to promote their products and services, it didn’t become a monumental trend until later. These days, if a business doesn’t have a social media profile, they miss out on some of the biggest free advertising available to them. Social networking is now how people spread their interests and tastes, and Yammer! capitalized on the idea.

Yammer! is a social networking site that allows businesses the same services as something like Facebook, along with valuable collaboration tools, making cooperation all the easier between connected companies. Yammer! takes the valuable technology wrapped up in Facebook and other social networking services, and turns it into a business operation tool that has helped many businesses around the country.

Seeing the value in the idea, Microsoft is looking to purchase the social media site, and add it to its portfolio. While neither company cared to comment on the merger, Microsoft’s strength will help to propel Yammer! to the recognition it needs to succeed, and the increased functionality will make Microsoft a more attractive company for businesses needing technical solutions.


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