Are immigrants taking our jobs or giving us new ones?

20 Jun

It’s a common complaint against immigration that people from other countries are taking valuable American jobs that could be easing the unemployment rate growing rampantly across the country. Many have stated that immigrants with work visas are usurping jobs that they would love to have, but is it really the truth? Are immigrants perhaps a benefit to our country?

Studies have shown that for each immigrant coming in to the United States, 4.5 jobs are created. While yes, everyone coming in gets a job, they also have needs and desires that allow for companies that they work for and patronize to expand. Immigrants also fill roles in businesses that Americans generally want nothing to do with, but create jobs in those same organizations that an American WOULD participate in.

It’s a common misconception that immigrants are a drain on our economy, and I’ll admit that I myself once held that view. The problem is while the job they assume is easy to see, it’s harder to see the business and jobs that these same people create. The work they allow other Americans to perform mean that actually they are helping our unemployment rate, rather than adding to it.

Also, historically, some of our best industries have come from overseas. Whether it’s power or automobiles, some of America’s smartest inventors, thinkers, and doers have come from across the ocean.


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