Lessons from Google applicable to small businesses

12 Jun

Google is redefining big business in today’s technology world. While it sounds impossible, Google is one of the companies that some suspect may someday overpower Microsoft as the biggest name in the technology business. While most people believe that this puts Google as untouchable as Microsoft, it’s important to remember that Google was just a small garage business when it started. There are mantras in Google that can teach any business in any field some important lessons.

The first is to launch, and iterate. The most intelligent people in the world will never truly know how the public will react to a new innovation. For proof of this, one need only simply look at, say, Microsoft’s Zune. While the Zune had many useful features and was very user friendly, it simply did not take off with music lovers all over the world. There are many stories like this where a product has millions poured in to its development, but the public simply didn’t take. Google puts an imperfect product on the market, and constantly works to perfect it with the added benefit of consumer input. While failure, as another Mantra states, is inevitable, it’s important to look at it as a learning experience rather than a hurdle.

Google’s done a great job of putting innovation before their own pride, and have benefitted greatly for it. Anyone looking to be the next Microsoft or Google need only remember that failure isn’t the end for a company or product, it’s simply a new beginning.


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