Amazon selling prepaid data cards in Japan

6 Jun is planning to sell prepaid data sim cards in Japan later in the year. If the product meets with the success Amazon is expecting, it’s likely that the new SIM cards will be seen all over the globe. Users can buy 500 megabytes of data for twenty five dollars of yen, and use it to connect their smart phones to the internet or make phone calls.

Amazon is already known as one of the best places to get a good deal on a smart phone, so for the mega corporation to break in to the data market just seems like the next logical step. Amazon is starting to look a lot like a monopoly, and one that threatens to span all over the world.  While many Japanese clients of Amazon are happy to get cheap prepaid data, competitors are unable to match the prices Amazon puts on its data cards.

It’s been aptly stated that Amazon is like a worldwide Wal-Mart that can be accessed from anywhere, at any time. The comparison references Amazon’s unfair inexpensive prices, as well as the sheer volume of products available on the website. While this was inevitable, it’s important that national and international business regulation step in to prevent Amazon from dominating the entire market. If Amazon’s success is not slowed now, it will be all the more difficult to stop their progress in the future.

Today’s SIM cards in Japanese hands may very well put other data companies out of business, eliminating fair market competition.


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