Obama and Romney look to refocus on the economy

25 May

Obama’s groundbreaking announcement made history across the states earlier this month, but afterwards both he and his political opponents instead turn their attentions on an equally pressing issue, the American economy. While gay rights are an important issue, it’s honestly the best move for everyone involved.

America’s economy has been in decline since ex-president George Bush Jr left office, and each side of this election seeks to shift the blame on the other for current state of the country. Our current policy of deficit spending has put the country in to an unfortunate position, and whomever sounds like they have the best plan for the future of the economy will have a considerable edge in the upcoming election.

Providing ease to the mounting national debt and to poverty across the nation is a crucial task on the political agenda, and one that all candidates can safely debate, for the most part. The controversial issue that is gay rights, however, is a subject that can easily cement most voters on to one side or the other. Obama’s announcement was important, but it’s highly encouraging that, instead of attacking Obama’s discussion on the matter, Romney, the leading Republican candidate is instead zeroing in on what he intends to do about unemployment.

I believe gay rights are a vital issue to have a stance on, but not to attack. Whoever wins the election this year, the economy will likely benefit from the focus both sides are giving to it.


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