Bing and Google’s new updates, and why it may change Microsoft’s fortunes

23 May

Bing, Microsoft’s pet project, has been at odds with Google for years. While it offers many of the same features, however, and even some original ones, thus far it has been unable to unseat the incumbent, even with music sampling and an attractive user interface. Microsoft’s new update may just be what Bing needs to settle the score, though.

One issue that no search engine has had progress has been the integration of social networks such as Facebook and Google plus. While both Bing and Google have made considerable efforts in incorporating the social aspect of the internet, neither has measured up to the expectations and needs of internet enthusiasts. Bing’s new, user friendly update may do what no other web service has before, and seamlessly integrate social networking and web surfing.

Google is also putting in time on a major overhaul update, and google circles is only one example of the miles of improvement they’ve made. Although their update is much more quiet within the company, they certainly are not out of the race. It will be exciting to see what this search engine giant has planned for the internet.

Microsoft’s envy of Google has been evident ever since they tried turning Bing in to a verb, like people now use Google. It’s possible Microsoft’s new update may change the balance of power just enough, perhaps enough that Microsoft can finally outstrip Google in one of the few arenas that Microsoft isn’t already the incumbent in.


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