The Avengers shatter box office records for opening weekend

16 May

Avengers”, the newest Marvel movie from Disney, has more than its share of memorable moments. Not the least of which is when Captain America turns to the Hulk, says “Hulk, smash.” He may as well have directed that order towards the movie itself, referencing its box office records, because Disney’s hottest property did just that. After acquiring Marvel and setting to work on the movie series, the Marvel line of films has done nothing but produce winning results for Disney.

“Avengers” surpassed all expectations this past weekend when its earnings soared to over $200 million dollars in a single weekend, gliding past the previous record holder, the final installment of the world renowned Harry Potter series, which brought in over $169 million when it debuted.

As the movie hit the theaters a week earlier overseas, it has already generated over $440 million dollars, making its total earnings to date swiftly approaching $700 million. Even Disney is stunned at the meteoric success of this hit franchise. “There aren’t even words, to be honest. I’m running low on double takes. Every time we looked at a number, it just got bigger than what we could have hoped for in the best-case assumption,” said Dave Hollis, Disney’s head of distribution. Hollis and the rest of Disney have been scrambling to revise their best case estimates for the quarter.

With a handful of videogames and plans to use the intellectual property in more movies, Hollis hits the nail right on the head when he continues, “With this film, this weekend, anything is possible.”


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