A new way to do business in the mobile era

15 May

Over its life span, the average app is predicted to net its developer anywhere from $4,000 to $8,000. Considering that these small applications are easily and quickly produced, a successful company could see enough profit purely out of apps produced for phones and tablets such as the iPad to form the groundwork for a successful business in today’s competitive technology market. Apps are small programs that are lightweight and developed specifically for mobile platforms.

Due largely to the fact of their quick and easy programming, this product can have a much smaller price tag than most applications, and that price tag means more customers are willing to put the money in to purchasing it. Also, due to social media services being available on the same device, an app has an almost free advertisement when linked to Facebook or other popular social networks.

The only obstacle in the growing field of app production is a vital one: Creativity. To be popular and stand out, Apps need to serve a purpose not yet answered in the app catalog it is developed for. In addition, this new market has something else likely to drive sales. All purchases of apps on smart phones are credited to the following month’s phone bill, which means consumers are much more likely to click that “purchase” button and deal with the bill later, when it comes time to pay for the phone bill. Over all, this exciting new technology will revolutionize application production in the technical field.


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