Private Equity at Work

8 May

Does private equity help?  A group called Private Equity at Work recently launched a video illustrating how Rockwood Holdings, Inc. has been buoyed and lifted by private equity from Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (KKR).  The video includes speakers from KKR, Rockwood executives, and Rockwood Employees to analyze exactly what the partnership between the two companies has been able to accomplish.

The video shows that KKR was able to support Rockwood in a time when they were struggling to meet the growing demand for alternative and hybrid electric vehicles.    With KKR’s help, Rockwood was able to build a state-of-the-art lithium hydroxide plant in Kings Mountain, N.C. that will produce high purity lithium hydroxide for the advanced transportation batteries used in plug-in electric vehicles.

Not just that, but Rockwood has grown fivefold, creating hundreds of new manufacturing jobs, creating new surface treatment plants, and building a Global Technical Center for Lithium at Kings Mountain, N.C. which will bring together engineers and scientists to drive innovation.


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