Dippin’ Dots may be saved from bankruptcy

7 May

For years, children all across America have enjoyed Dippin’ Dots while on trips with the family. The unique little flash frozen pellets of ice cream in many different kinds of flavors that melt in your mouth were developed by Curt Jones, and formed a fun, cold product sold at amusement parks and zoos all over the United States. Recently, an unfortunate and prolonged court battle, as well as a swiftly declining economy and attendance at amusement parks caused Curt Jones to seek bankruptcy for his company.

Luckily, the Oklahoma group of investors who formed Dippin’ Dots LLC, the company that invested in Jones’ idea, has petitioned the bankruptcy court to assume control of all assets of Dippin’ Dots, Inc. This surprise move means that a favorite childhood past time of Americans will be under direct supervision of the financiers who originally put the revenue forward to make the idea happen.

The hope is that these savvy financiers will be able to take the company to new heights, and rejuvenate the snack’s dying market. It would be a tragedy to see Dippin’ Dots, such a big part of so many of our childhoods, become another helpless victim of the faltering economy.

The Kentucky based company is looking forward to re-establishing its business contracts with entertainment parks across the country. The infusion of new income will hopefully be enough to rescue the company from its prior mistakes. With an economy coming ever closer to the turn around, perhaps this company will be saved from going down with the ship.


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