Feminine LEGO line has Brooklyn mothers upset

3 May

For years, Danish LEGO group has produced toys based on plastic bricks that link together in to any number of different creations. One of their new lines, LEGO Friends, features a new female friendly line of toys. The LadyFig, a more sculpted, curvy minifigure, features slightly more anatomically correct bodies and fancy hair. The line’s setting, Heartlake City, features a small town with LEGO sets of different buildings.

Mothers of some female LEGO builders feel that LEGO, who have traditionally built only gender neutral toys, have sacrificed their morals by creating a line directed primarily at female LEGO builders. SPARKS, a feminist group from New York, will be meeting with some of LEGO’s public relations department to voice their complaints.

The Friends line, in their opinion, reinforces cultural gender stereotypes. SPARKS believes LEGO should maintain its gender neutrality providing the same experience for both boys and girls. They see the Friends line as reinforcing hobbies, fashion, and interests of what the community sees as the stereotypical girl.

LEGO’s stance has been that it performed almost five years of marketing research and testing before producing LEGO friends. The truth is that Friends is only the most recent attempt in LEGO’s several forays in to products aimed at a female market. Sets such as Belville included slender, curvy “ladyfigs” of a different kind, and pink buckets of the plastic bricks showed two girls playing together, instead of a girl and a boy. LEGO also states that by no means are girls required to purchase the Friends line. It simply exists for those females who want them.


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