Chinese culture may present problems in the business world

2 May

American Law prohibits businesses from bribing international politicians. This helps keep mega corporations like Wal Mart from having an unfair advantage in countries like Mexico, by ensuring all companies have an equal footing in markets overseas. Unfortunately, nations that have recently become first world countries but are still mired in tradition require bribes as a standard business practice.

This is becoming a big problem with the latest up and comer in the business world, China. Years of tradition have set a historical precedent of perfectly legal and acceptable bribery within China. It isn’t just allowed, bribes are almost required to get things done in China. Politicians and bureaucrats simply won’t process the paperwork until they get some kind of cash gift, or other symbolic gesture to expedite the process.

The clash of cultures between America and China means that business relations are going to suffer until one side or the other caves in. As more and more advanced countries cease tolerating bribery among the workers, it becomes apparent that this will be the ongoing trend moving forward. The majority set the standard, and the standard is decidedly against bribery.

Highly regulated industries such as health care and construction are most rife with problems of this nature. Due to the high involvement of bureaucrats in every level of these projects, investigators from the United States are paying a greater amount of attention to these spheres. This is certainly not the first time this problem has occurred in human history.


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