High costs of daycare may keep some parents from going back to work

28 Apr

It is becoming increasingly challenging for people to move to a higher socioeconomic class in the current economy.  This is even more of the case for families because, without excess money to send the children to daycare at least one adult usually has to stay home.  It’s a sad result of the economy that nurseries and day cares simply charge more than that one parent would make, thus keeping that family from improving their lot in life.
While it’s not the only factor in some families’ destitution, this is one of the many impetuses keeping the average American family  locked in their current social class. In addition to daycare keeping one parent from entering the workforce, lower class families are starting to give up luxuries that up to even five years ago were common. Family vacations and summer camp for the children have had to be sacrificed because of the lack of well paying jobs available in the current economy.


While many of these unemployed parents have a desire to work and bring money into their families, it is an unfortunate fact that they simply don’t have the means to support their children should they take up a job.  And at the same time, because of their inability to supplement the family income these same families are unable to enjoy the same luxuries they were once used to.

Families that once used to feel that they were well off have may very well feel that they are now victims of the current economy.


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