Wal-Mart possibly covering up international bribes

25 Apr

Wal-Mart, an international mega-corporation which is well known for providing inexpensive and convenient goods all over the world, has recently come under fire for possibly masking twenty four million dollars paid in bribes to Mexican officials. The coverup, allegedly reaching all the way to the CEO of Wal-Mart himself, is said to be putting more effort towards hiding the problem and pretending it didn’t happen, as opposed to actually repairing the situation.

Federal law prohibits the bribing of international politicians, and Wal-Mart has launched what they call an extensive investigation into the matter. Consumers and employees of Walmart, as well as the New York Times, are currently concerned that Wal-Mart may be doing more to hide evidence of the issue and cover their own backs than working to find a solution and cooperate with federal authorities.

Former executive Segio Cicero Zapata participated in almost fifteen hours of interviews with the New York Times, in which he fingered many of his prior coworkers in the payoffs, prompting a wider, more in depth investigation. Eduardo Castro-Wright, a highly praised Wal-Mart executive, was directly indicated as a key participator in the bribes of Mexican politicians. His work in opening new stores and increasing overall profit of Wal-Mart Mexico was applauded, as sales increased by twenty five percent.

The fact that Wal-Mart has committed such bribes is bad enough, but the company is only doing itself more damage by attempting to disguise its actions.


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