Ringio looking to make a big impact by selling to small companies.

24 Apr

An advance in telecommunications technology called Ringio will deliver immediate information about a caller to the representative. The idea is for these companies to better serve their clientele by having up to date information at the tips of their fingers. After targeting larger businesses with little result, Ringio has simplified the product and aimed it at smaller companies.

Small companies tend to have more of a focus on customer service, as every sale tends to have an impact on the ultimate success or failure of the business as a whole. Larger companies tend only to look at the bottom line, and if they can’t find an immediate benefit, will largely ignore otherwise promising technology.

This technology will allow call centers in businesses to immediately have a personal touch in their service and sales calls, giving an edge over companies that don’t take a personal air to their calls. The goal is that as small businesses show positive results using this technology, larger businesses will take notice and buy in.


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